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A few small things have been updated around the place, and I always fear that they will go unnoticed! So, herewith, notification, so that you may notice:

  1. I’ve added Nil Doctrine to my Smart People blog roll. If I understand the rather cryptic notifications on Jay Smooth’s sites correctly, he has stopped posting to Ill Doctrine and moved over to Nil Doctrine, for reasons that are hinted at and I suspect are understood by people who have been following him for longer than the 12 and a half metaphorical minutes that I have. BUT, Ill Doctrine is just so fantastic (I suppose that if I were younger, I would say that it is indeed “ill,” if not, in fact, “sick,” but I’m way too old for such verbal shenanigans) and is so much more informative of Jay Smooth and what he’s about that I don’t want to take it down. SO: Visit both, if you know what’s good for you.
  2. A week or so ago there was a rather startling rash of TNC commenters re-usernaming themselves with their real, birth-certificate names (I know! Real names!) and that resulted in the commenter-formerly-known-as-AndyinTexas becoming Andy_Hall. The changes have been made to both of his links on the TNC blog roll, and again: Visit both, if you know what’s good for you.
  3. I added Lev, a commenter at Balloon Juice, to the BJ blog roll (Lev’s Area). I was clicking around on the usernames over there, and found his writing sharp, his posts going into less-examined corners of topics that interest me but about which I often know less than I wish I did. His tag-line says it all, I think: Usually informed posts by a certified philosophy/history/politics nerd. Sounds like someone I would have to date, if I weren’t already married to my own nerd. Plus, I’m guessing he’s a Jew and one has to show one’s love to fellow progressive Jews.
  4. I added akarra to the TNC blog roll (Rethink) largely on the basis of his awesome front page FAQs — and then lo! It turns out the rest of the blog is pretty darn awesome too! akarra’s real name (I believe) is Ashok, and he has begun to comment here as well (whoot! + double-whoot for the desperately needed advice about increasing readership – Ashok? I’ll be in touch…!). Ashok’s tagline? On Poetry, Politics and Philosophy – A Sketch, An Intersection. Are you sensing a pattern? I’m sensing a pattern.

Honestly, it is well worth your while to check all these folks out. There are some very, very good blogs on those rolls, people doing good, smart, often funny work, with a healthy dose of music geekry at almost every stop. You’ll find a brief description of each if you hover your mouse over the link.

Go, click, enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I just hope I can get people reading a bit more poetry sometimes – been getting a few comments/e-mails of the “meh. poetry” sort, and I can’t help but feel disappointed when I hear that.

  2. poliology

     /  July 14, 2010

    Please, I won’t believe he’s Andy Hall until he SHOWS ME HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!11! WHAT DOES ANDY “HALL OF A SOCIALIST” HAVE TO HIDE?!?!?!11?1!

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