Americans for Peace Now: Stop the violence, stop the hatred.

Americans for Peace Now has launched a new campaign, “Stop the Violence, Stop the Hatred,” calling on supporters of Israel to condemn the recent rise in hate speech and anti-opposition violence in Israel:

We are witnessing a systematic attempt, by the hard-line Israeli right, to delegitimize dissenting voices. Almost every day we see more expressions of hatred and intolerance directed at peace activists, human rights organizations, and pro-democracy forces in Israel….

In light of this recent ugly wave, we are calling on those who hold dearly the vision of a democratic Israel to raise their voice, with us.

Israeli author David Grossman and American-Jewish authors Michael Chabon and Letty Cottin Pogrebin have contributed statements to the campaign, along with several other interested and interesting parties such as – wait, who’s this? She looks familiar!

In my contribution to the project, I briefly trace my own experience with Israel’s life in the shadow of conflict, and write that what stands in the way of a peace agreement today

is not decades of regional enmity, but other Israelis. Israelis (and their supporters) who threaten and frequently carry out acts of violence, who threaten and attack not only peace activists but members of Knesset, cabinet members, and – once an unthinkable thing – soldiers serving their country. … If people like me are no longer safe in their own home because saying the wrong thing could get them killed – what is left of the dream of a Jewish democracy?

…If we establish peace with the Palestinians, we will have secure borders and the sort of freedom to grow and develop that only peace can bring – but if some Israelis and their supporters act to derail any and all attempts at peace, stifling dissent through violent means, then we will, I fear, be witnesses to a slow-moving self-destruction for which we will truly have no one but ourselves to blame.

To read the rest of my statement, click here; to learn more about the campaign and read others’ statements, click here.

And while you’re there, please consider signing the petition, or even submitting your own comments on the problem.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may those who love you prosper! Let there be peace in your homes, safety within your borders. For the sake of my people, my friends, I pray you find peace. For the sake of the house of the Eternal our God, I will seek your good. – Psalm 122:6-9

Speedily and in our days, amen, amen.

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  1. dmf

     /  February 26, 2010

    hey ee , looks like you’re back in the writing groove and keeping good company as well, thanks for your moving testimonial/witness. i’ve never been much for networking, let alone social-networking, so i’m bowing out of the new tncINC scene, if you see our friend citE and his young squire sorn on your rounds pls send my regards, peace, dmf

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