Good stuff: Ah, vacation!

My family and I are headed out to Disney World tomorrow morning, and I originally had grand plans to write posts ahead of time in order to put them up while on vacation, but alas, the stuff of life conspired against me, and it was not to be. I’ll be back to posting on Monday, February 8. (And I’ll return to the Martin Luther King, Jr. project, too!)

But before I go, please accept this wee gift, a clip of one of my favorite Disney songs ever. I’m not sure why I like it so much — maybe because it’s so classically Broadway in tone and execution. And it’s funny! (Except for the annoying stereotyping about women and their sexuality, but hey, it’s hardly Disney if there isn’t a little such stereotyping). Also, and not for nothing, but I always thought that Aladdin looked a lot like a certain long-lost ex-boyfriend of mine.

Have a good week! To all who are not in sunny climes, I’ll send you a bit of Florida through the ether!


  1. Michael Levin

     /  February 1, 2010

    Interesting comments/critique from ADC [American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, 1995]:
    [Excerpt] “When American children hear the word “Arab” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps the imagery of Disney’s Arabian Nights’ fantasy film Aladdin, a film which has been immensely popular in theaters and on video and is sometimes shown in school classrooms.

    Yet Arab Americans have problems with this film. Although in many ways it is charming, artistically impressive, and one of the few American films to feature an Arab hero or heroine, a closer look reveals some disturbing features. . . . ”

    Article at:

  2. this comment has nothing to do with THIS post. i am thinking that i might have found “my” emily hauser again. from lake bluff? friend of sheryl melton?? i typed your name into facebook just for fun and some of your articles showed up. i am pretty sure it’s YOU!! would love to reconnect. if you have no idea who i am then please ignore – ha! otherwise you can email me at (redacted).

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