Hand to God, I forgot to post! I even had a plan!

So sorry! Truth be told, I’m not sure how many of you will be coming by in the next day or two, but still and all, it seems shabby not to post out of sheer forgetfulness. So I’ll give you part of the plan, which is this: David Sedaris, on the vast cultural differences in the celebration of our holidays.

First up: Christmas in the Netherlands.

Second up: Easter in France.

My only suggestion is that you have Kleenex handy — for you will be laughing so hard, you will cry!

But first: If you are of the Christmas celebrating type, I wish you a very, very Merry, Merry Christmas! May you enjoy love and warmth and a beautiful day full of all good things! And if those things seem a bit distant this year, I send you many warm, good thoughts, and all best wishes for a better 2010. Sometimes the holidays bring light to the darkness, and sometimes, we have to hold on until the light comes back. But it always comes, if we let it.

One way to let it in is to laugh your socks off! And with that in mind, and with no further ado, I give you: David Sedaris!


  1. Gumbo is on and the presents are all open. Have a good’un!

  2. Matt

     /  December 25, 2009

    I distinctly remember the first time I read 6 to 8 Black Men. I was in public, sitting on a park bench, perfectly conscious of the fact that people were staring at me as I was laughing uncontrollably.

    Best wishes for a great Solstmasanukkahzaa and a happy new year!

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