Good stuff: Steve Burns.

Elsewhere on the webz today, I was reminded of Steve Burns — you know: Steve, from Blues Clues!

First of all, the man deserves a lifetime achievement award for the acting he did on what I consistently found to be a delightful, intelligent, and genuinely funny show (and when you are at a life stage that has you watching a lot of preschool TV, you find yourself deeply grateful for even a glimmer of such qualities. Trust me). But aside from this essential truth, and quite aside from the fact that I always found him quite adorable in said show, Mr. Burns also released a truly delightful popy-rocky-Flaming Lipsy-sorta album soon after leaving television, and I frankly love it.

Here’s a clip! (Note the Lips’ Steven Drozd on drums).

(Please forgive the sketchy quality! It’s the best I could find).

He’s been talking about releasing a follow up for a stupidly long time (the most recent release date was “summer 2009″…). Steve, if you’re reading this? Please dude: Speed it up!


UPDATE: Ack! I forgot to give the name of the album or link to his Myspace page! Blogger fail.

Album: Songs for Dustmites. Myspace page: Steve Burns.

Sorry about that…!


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  1. My wife and I have been making jokes about him for years, wondering if he goes on dates in his Blue’s Clues get-up. This is so totally weird!