Cracking me up.

I didn’t know that this was a WordPress feature before I started blogging, but it turns out that WordPress tells you what search terms led people to your blog (if they were led by a search engine!). Most of these, so far, have been pretty unsuprising, like my name, or “in my head,” but a few have been their own kind of awesome! So I’m going to share. Ahem:

  1. “emily the lost years”
  2. “things I love about people”
  3. “history of rock n roll: my backyard”
  4. “r-rated patriotism we can all believe in” (really!)
  5. “why america is crap”
    and my personal favorite, from today:
  6. “hauser snapped”

Indeed, she has. And on more than one occasion!

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  1. What I learned is to never say “porn” anywhere here, unless you want to attract the wrong kind of traffic. For years a got hits from the term “weak porn” from an entry about wedding planning (I was taking about some magazine or something).