Good stuff – bucking the trend edition.

Every website I have visited today (with the exception of the New York Times) has posted a truly brilliant video of William Shatner cracking on Sarah Palin, merely by reading her own words — to the beat of a bongo. Brilliant I say! (Update: NBC has taken the clip off of YouTube — but Hulu has it…!)

But ok, I surely don’t need to post it myself, if that’s the case! So, instead, I’ll post this: Shatner in a Brad Paisley video, “Online.” The chorus sums up, to my mind, my own existence – to wit: “I’m so much cooler online.”

Enjoy! (Oh, and Brad Paisley? Guitarist of prodigious talent? Huge country star? Recently recommended the book The Mind of God, by theoretical physicist Paul Davies, to the readers of Entertainment Weekly. This, IMHO, is awesome, and makes me want very much to read the book).

PS If you want to watch another Paisley video, one that is funny, sweet, features Andy Griffith, and may or may not have made me weepy, check out Waitin’ on a Woman .

PPS Oh, that’s right. Ta-Nahisis Coates hasn’t posted the Shatner/Palin video, either. (Yet…?)


  1. Loved the Shatner video…but Palin didn’t need much help looking incoherent on this one; her speech was the longest run-on sentence in the history of run-on sentences (they told me themselves!)

  2. Erin (slumdogmamabear)

     /  July 31, 2009

    AND you listen to country??

    My girl crush is growing!!